101 in 1001

"101 in 1001" is one hundred and one tasks you set for yourself to be complete in one thousand and one days. My start date was October 4, 2010 which means that my end date is July 1, 2013.

Bold means it is currently in progress
Crossed out means it is completed.

The List:
1. Get my open water PADI
2.Take (at least) three camping trips (0/3)
3. Get my German back to a conversational level
4. Get my French back to a conversational level
5. Get my Spanish to a conversational level
6. Hit my goal weight
7. Maintain my goal weight for the remainder of the 1001 days
8. Create and follow a budget that allows me to save and pay off debt
9. Host four dinner parties (0/4)
10. Strip and revarnish great-step-Grandma's sewing machine table
11. Strip and revarnish the maple desk
12. Sew one outfit
13. Grow my hair long enough to donate to 'Locks of Love'
14. Visit Eastern Canada (road trip?)
15. Visit one of the Territories
16. Do a multi-day hiking and camping trip in Hurricane Ridge
17. Hike the Chilkoot Trail
18. Get African photos in an album/scrapbook
19. Do something with Grandpa's photos
20. Take a knitting class (so I finally learn to cast off properly)
21.Organise a fundraiser for Jifudishe
22. Complete my tattoo (sorry, mom)
23. Volunteer with an organisation I support - became a member of Matoto's Board of Directors
24. Learn to play the guitar
25. Learn to play the djembe
26. Sell my piano and buy an electronic piano for my apartment
27. Once I have an apartment-friendly electronic piano (not keyboard!) learn one song a month.
28. Learn the capital of every country
29. Learn the flag of every country
30. Read 40 books for pleasure (15/40)
31. Start and use a perpetual birthday calendar
32. Sort books and DVDs into 'keep' and 'sell' (and then sell)
33. Complete one Project 365
34. Write to sponsor children every four months (0/8)
35. Formalise my secretarial skills
36. Formalise my computer skills
37. Clean out all kitchen cupboards, get rid of all unused/unneeded items
38. Clean out and organise storage room.
39. Organize my boxes of photos
40. Organize my photos on my computer
41. Have one Christmas where I make every present
42. Join a non-competitive sports team for one season
43. Create and stick to a menu plan for one month
44. Run 4x a week for one month
45. Do yoga twice a week for one month
46. Clean out fridge and freezer
47. Do 25 'on the toes' push ups in a row
48. Have a balcony garden next summer
49 - 51. These are private. If you ask, I will most likely tell you, I just don't want to keep them recorded in such a public place.
52. Get a bike (and use it)
53. Brew my own beer
54. Brew my own wine
55. Actively try to sell my cards to local shops
56. Eat out no more than once a week for four months (0/4)
57. Contribute $50/month to my RRSP for 12 months (12/12) set up monthly contributions
58. Fly a kite at Cloverpoint
59. Hike 20 of the hikes in my "Victoria and Vicinity" Book (2/20)
60. Blog every day for a month on both blogs
61. Buy a car (or some form of vehicular transport)
62. Run a marathon
63. Currently being reassigned as I no longer do flamenco so buying shoes seems a little ridiculous
64. Participate in 10 random acts of kindness (0/10)
65. Watch all the nominations for Best Foreign Film for the Oscars for one year
66. Take myself on a "date" twice (0/2)
67. Hike the Grouse Grind
68. Go on a kayak trip
69. Go fishing
70. Adopt a family for Christmas
71. Comment on at least one blog a day, every day for a month
72. Attend a town hall meeting at city hall
73. Attend four professional sporting events (3/4)
74. Attend four symphony performances (1/4)
75. Attend four professional plays/musicals (3/4)
76. Attend four professional dance performances (1/4)
78. Attend four art exhibits (0/4)
79. Donate $10 worth of food to the Mustard Seed 5 times (0/5)
79. Complete Nanowrimo
80. Do a directed writing twice a week for a month
81. Sort all my clothes into: keep, bin, donate
82. Use up my gift cards
83. Do a sprint triathlon
84. Visit Ireland (I'm sadly overdue)
85. Attend a "stitch 'n' bitch" once a week for a month
86. (Re)Memorize "The Cremation of Sam McGee"
87. Read Shakespeare's Sonnet Cycle
88. (Re)Memorize the six Sonnets I knew
89. Learn to play and sing "secret song" for "secret person"s birthday
90. Write to the Hostettlers and the Fuchs six times each (Hostettlers: 2/6) (Fuchs: 0/6)
91. Read two works by Shakespeare I haven't previously read
92. Host an afternoon tea for a group of friends
93. Learn Sign Language
94. Read James Joyce's "Ulysses"
95. Make my morning coffee at home for one month
96. Cook one dish for each letter of the alphabet - A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O,P,Q,R,S,T,U,V,W,X,Z
97. Cook one meal from each cook book I own (1/? - I still haven't counted them all)
98. Bake 18 different items (0/18)
99. Put $10 in savings for every task I complete
100. Donate $10 to charity for every task I fail to complete
101. Have another list of 101 goals ready to begin on July 2, 2013