Monday, June 13, 2011

Can You Miss an Inanimate Object?

I have buyers remorse and I haven't bought anything.

My friend, Darth (possibly soon-to-be roommate Darth... hmmm, does that make me the Emperor? I like the sound of that. Anyway, back on track...), left for two weeks in Europe yesterday and I agreed to lend him my 'real' camera as he only had his camera phone. I gave it to him at work on Friday.

Everywhere I've looked all weekend, I see something I want to take a picture of. It's as if my world has become one big photo shoot and I'm without my camera.

The light was perfect at my dad's on Saturday and between the uprooted tree, finding a nest of snails (there were five of them, I call that a nest) on the broom* I was attacking**, and a sunny patch on the outdoor tap which took a chunk out of the top of my head (it bled but I'm fine), there were ample photo opportunities.

Yesterday was a walk down Cook St to Cloverpoint and back. Dallas Rd (the part of the walk to Cloverpoint) is a part of Victoria that screams "TAKE A PICTURE!!" (I could be biased but I think all of Victoria screams that, but Dallas Rd looking south to the Olympic Mts. really screams it.) *sigh*

The same walk a year ago.

Darth better take some frakkin' amazing pictures at the Doctor Who museum in Cardiff.

*Snails on the broom? It's the French and Scots banding together to steal an Irishman's land, I tell ya!

**If you ever dare tell me you think broom is beautiful, I will beat you with a branch of it. It is killing the native plants on Vancouver Island and it's next to impossible to truly kill.


Shannon said...

Broom is horrible...but yet I know a family who brought some from Vancouver Island to Kelowna because they loved it and couldn't figure out why all of their neighbours were pissed off at them. They live in a neighbourhood that is minimally landscaped too (in favour of the natural, local vegetation) - it's only a matter of time before it overtakes's the Island's equivalent to knapweed.

AndreaClaire said...

Ugh. If I lived next to them, I'd be sneaking over at night and tearing it up!

And it's totally like knapweed!