Thursday, December 16, 2010

Photo Presentation

I had mentioned a few weeks back that I was going to be displaying some of my photos at work. My office was looking at leasing artwork from the AGGV but at the suggestion of one of the employees decided to display employee artwork instead. Having seen some of the work of other people who've put their name forth, I'm very excited to see the different displays over the coming months.

When you consider that I only have the last three years of my life captured in photos on my computer, I have a lot of photos (as opposed to alot of photos, which I secretly wish I had). After much deliberation (and perhaps some cough syrup) I decided to go with photos that played with light and was some how able to narrow it down to five (again, cough syrup).

Morning Sunbath
Magi y Chai, Tanzania

Dhow and Sunset
Nungwi, Tanzania

Gary Oak Sunshade
Victoria, BC

Shell Centrepiece
Victoria, BC

Barrel and Vines
Victoria, BC

I made the pictures as large as I could for the post but if you click on them you get ginormous size!


Erin said...

so beautiful. I can almost feel each one. Thanks A!

Erin d.

AndreaClaire said...

Thanks Erin. Glad you like them.

Anonymous said...

Great photos! Your office is lucky to have such a talented photographer on staff!