Sunday, February 20, 2011

GBC Book Review: The Girl Who Kicked at the Hornets' Nest

I’m well behind in my novel reviews because I finished this one on Christmas Day! It also means that I don’t really remember a lot of the details I wanted to talk about except that I enjoyed it. Most of the things I do remember would give away plot points for those who haven’t read it yet and that’s just a cruel thing to do. Stieg Larsson had created some really interesting and unique characters without turning them into clichés; I would really have enjoyed seeing where the series would have gone had he been able to finish it.

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Shannon said...

Apparently there are other books - possibly a complete fourth one and maybe more - that are wrapped up in the legal battle between his girlfriend of many years and his brother and father (from whom I believe he was estranged)...and I read somewhere that his girlfriend may have helped develop the books/story arc so maybe if the legal wrangling ends in his girlfriend's favour there might be more (sorry, no references, I'm too lazy to flip over to Google...)