Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hockey Season Is Here Ergo My Productivity Is Gone

Tonight was going to be a post-crazy night but instead it ended up being a scream-at-my-radio-during-the-hockey-game night. There was a lot of pacing in my apartment and I'm sure the people downstairs are probably writing up a letter of complaint to my building manager right now. Well, I hate to tell the people downstairs to shove it, but hockey season is officially here for Canucks fans so they better get used to it.

I've had a very productive week and the weekend is also proving to be productive but in a much more relaxing way. Despite the yelling tonight, I did manage to get my 101 in 1001 list up.. finally. Earlier this week, I attended my flamenco teacher's performance as part of the Romp Festival here in Victoria so I was able to put '1/4' beside #76.

After she danced, she did a Q&A. Her parents are Spanish. Every single picture I took of her had blurry hands.

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Shannon said...

Another one...

I'm a big hockey fan too!! We watched the end of that game in a funky little cabin with my parents. And we were all grumbling at the screen when it was over!