Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hockey And Life

The Canucks finally shook the proverbial monkey off their back last night (and perhaps an actual monkey from their pants; that's the only reasonable explanation for how they played in games four and five) beating Chicago 2-1 in overtime of game seven. Sure, it's only the first round and they're still a good ways from being Stanley Cup Champions, but Chicago has been a problem for Vancouver in the post-season lately.The past two years, we've faced them in round two of the playoffs and they've beaten us both times. Incidentally, we were eliminated on May 11th both years.

I watched the game with baited breath and I screamed so loudly when they won that my cats didn't even crawl out from under my bed to cuddle with me until well after I fell asleep. I was also very happy that the game winner came from Burrows. We watched him bungle a penalty shot and then we watched him turn over the puck in the neutral zone leading to the Blackhawks short-handed goal which tied up the game with less than two minutes left, and then we watched as he made up for all of that by sliding the puck past Corey Crawford (who had been a f*ing wall all f*ing night. That boy--he's younger than me, therefore he's a boy--was worth every penny the Hawks paid him this year in that one game alone!). Congratulations, Mr. Burrows. You done us proud.

Burrows being congratulated by Daniel (I think. I'm 95% sure that number is 22) Henrik.
Correction: I looked at the picture again and realised, duh, why didn't I look at the completely
unobstructed number on the freakin' helmet? Sometimes, my stupidity astounds even myself!

All I can say at this point is BRING ON NASHVILLE!

My other news is that I am attending an adoption information seminar in two weeks. That's right, adoption. (Mom, sorry you had to find out this way but I hadn't actually phoned to confirm my enrolment when I talked to you on the phone today.) I was adopted at birth. Growing up, I always wanted to adopt (at least) one child. I've had amazing opportunities because of being adopted. I have an incredible family who loves me very much and who I love more than I can ever put into words. I have always wanted to pass that love on to another person who would benefit from a forever family.

Actually adopting is a good few years away but it's something that I've started to think about recently (going out on a limb here and saying that turning thirty last year might have had something to do with it). After a year of talking and thinking and pondering and debating and more talking and, well, you get the picture, I'm taking my first timid steps towards beginning the process.



The Happy Ranter said...

Yay for first steps, timid or not!! I'm super-ridiculous excited for you that you're doing this :) I know it doesn't happen over night but I think it's just the best idea ever. You will be such an awesome mum. Which ever little munchkin is destined to be yours, they're pretty damn lucky already (even if they haven't even been born yet).

Anything you ever need me to do to help you with this, just ask!


AndreaClaire said...

Right now, just keep up the cheering from the sidelines :) Thanks for all your support with everything, not just this.