Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Canada's Worst Blogger?

After six weeks of fairly regular blogs and updates, I have gone over a week without posting on either blog. I feel slightly guilty. It's not like I've been so busy that I didn't have time to blog, I just didn't because I was too busy having mini Canada's Worst marathons.

Last Wednesday, I discovered that season one of both Canada's Worst Driver and Canada's Worst Handyman were being shown on www.ctv.ca over the summer. Then I found seasons five and six of both shows on www.discoverychannel.ca. My week and weekend looked something like this:

Truth be told, I have a bit of a crush on the host, Andrew Younghusband. He makes me laugh and I have a soft spot for Maritime and Newfoundland accents (they sound somewhat akin to my dad after his 40+ years in Canada and don't need visas to live in the same country as me, how can I not love them? In short, if you know any single Maritime/Newfoundland men living on the west coast please feel free to pass along my contact info. But I digress, this blog isn't about getting me a date). I'm really hoping that ctv.ca shows the other seasons over the summer as well (and they only release two episodes a week so it stops me from the 'entire season in one day' watching I was doing).

Family BBQ on Canada Day at Esquimalt Lagoon a few years back

It also meant that on Canada Day, I went for a run, wandered around downtown for about 2 hours, then returned home for a CWD/CWH marathon. Happy Canada Day to me! (In my defense, after a couple of days of being fairly busy, my plans for that day were to be low-key regardless of what may or may not have been on ctv.ca.)

Keeping on the East Coast theme, I had dinner at my mom's over a week ago. While enjoying our first bbq'd steaks of the season, we listened to a Jimmy Sweeney CD (he plays at the Old Triangle - Halifax for any of you East Coasters who enjoy a good session) which had Sonny's Dream on it. I've been humming the song ever since. In searching for a version on YouTube that I could sing along with, I found this video:

I love this video. It reminds me of how I used to hear all these songs: a group of my parents' friends at a party playing and singing along. I've been watching the video on repeat and it makes me insanely happy. It also has provided some added motivation for getting a cheap guitar and learning a few standards songs which can be my party pieces at future drunken nights alone house parties.

Heading a little bit further east, it's official: I'm off to Ireland for a little family visit in the fall. It's official because uncles/aunts/cousins have been notified, spare rooms are being aired out, and my dad is already collecting items he wants me to take back (including, but not limited to, a broken fire bellow he brought with him when he immigrated 40+ years ago. I guess I should be thankful that he hasn't decided to send me back with the spinning wheel. Still customs is going to be awesome!). If you're going to be in Dublin or Belfast or Armagh or Galway or Monaghan (or really, anywhere in Ireland) between Sept 24 - Oct 16, drop me a line and maybe we can meet up for a pint.

And on that note, I'm off to enjoy the summer which has finally seemed to arrive in Victoria. Lovely, lovely outdoor weather that's just screaming "come out and play" unless, you know, ctv has released more episodes of CWD or CWH. ;-)

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