Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Crafting Some Visual Puns

Summer arrived!


And then it left again.

But it was here for a weekend!!

Well, it's still sort of here but not like it was on the weekend.

And what better why to spend that weekend then sitting inside crafting?


I headed over to my mom's again to use the sewing machine. I'm almost done my project and I'm really happy with how it's turning out. Going in for round two, there are a few adjustments I'd make (like actually ensuring my cutting was right instead of just eyeballing it) but this one is for my own personal collection so I can live with the little 'original details' that my on-the-fly sketched-out-pattern-redesigns have resulted in.

I would have finished this weekend except two things happened:

1) I'm also working on multiple crochet projects which I brought with me. I ended up working on them while I rewatched the entire Sherlock series on Saturday night (watch that series NOW! It's awesome and series two is coming out veryveryvery soon!)

2) when I finally got around to sewing I screwed up twice and had to pull out all the stitching. After a combined 45 minutes of correcting my mistakes, I decided to walk away before I went all Homer Hulk on the machine. Because you totally know it was the machine's fault. (It's out to get me. I swear!)

I have to finish up all these projects soon however because my dear friend, THR, has challenged me to a crafting challenge (although I'm calling it a 'Craft Off' because that makes me giggle) to commence some time in the near future. What's a Craft Off? Well, we get the same piece of material and have to make something out of it. We were inspired by this blog (which we both adore).

If the Craft Off goes well, I think we should make it a yearly tradition and maybe open it up to additional people. Truthfully, it's a selfish wish to do that. See, more people means more end results to look at which means more inspiration for the next time I look at an old piece of clothing. First though, we need to get through the first craft off. Cart before the horse and all that jazz!

Warning: Visual Pun Ahead!
It's me on a cart!

It's me on a horse!

Wait. The pictures are in the wrong order!

Before we even get to the Craft Off, you should all go check out Kid and Caboodle, THR's etsy store. Because she's awesome. And because I said so.

Just to show that I do know the right order to put the horse and cart:
Me and my dad in our trap. Some parade in Chemainus circa 1988.

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