Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Now Where's My Pocket Protector?

I was really good at math in school and I loved science class. Some how, I ended up going into the Humanities when it came to University. (In this case, 'some how' means I didn't want to be anymore uncool in high school than I already was so I elected not to take Math 12 and Calculus which was needed for pretty much every science program.* But I did do Chemistry 12 because that's the cool thing to do.)

At any rate, I already had glasses and was socially awkward (still kind of am), did I really need to add a science degree to that?

Nope. Much cooler to geek out over Sweden's role in the Thirty Years' War, how Grimm's Law shows the creation of the Germanic languages from Latin/Greek, and how Goethe's Faust is a bit of a dick. (Wil Wheaton would not like Faust.)

Much. Cooler.

Still, when the science lover and history lover in me can combine in a mutual love it's a beautiful, geeky thing of wonder!

I am going to be such an embarrassment to my future children and it's going to be AWESOME!

*The irony is that I ended up having a spare block during Calculus 12. My friends in the class convinced me to sit in one day because the teacher wouldn't mind. He totally didn't. I loved the class and would ask questions and work on the problems. (In short, I was a better student than some of the actual students.) When I knew the words to a children's poem that no one else knew, he went to the office to list me as his Teacher's Assistance for that class and then gave me an A.


RobinH said...

Clearly you didn't *need* to add a science degree, but it would have been cool if you had. :) We never seemed to have enough women in mechanical engineering.

And have you read Mike Brown's book, "How I Killed Pluto and Why It Had It Coming"? He's a fun writer and makes the deplaneting of Pluto both funny and explicable.

AndreaClaire said...

Someone else just mentioned that book to me a few weeks ago. It's definitely on my 'to read' list but I have a certain George R.R. Martin book I have to read first :)