Saturday, September 24, 2011

Twenty-Four Hours and Counting

At roughly this time tomorrow, my mom will be taking me to the ferry so I can make my way to the Vancouver Airport and from there to Ireland.

I was planning on have a small series of Irish themed posts to put up while I was away so I wouldn't feel guilty about not posting while on holidays.

Sadly, the posts were a case of too much time.

I originally started researching the Irish history ones back in June. I was going to make short narrated videos (and even did a couple of cartoon drawings). Realising I wouldn't be able to make my original target date, I pushed the posts back to my trip.

In the ensuing three months, I collected almost a thousand pages worth of typed notes. Just notes! In short, I have enough information to write a book. (Don't go getting any ideas, mom.)

About three weeks ago, I went to edit my notes into some sort of narrative...

...I'm still editing...

...and I just got to Cromwell. (That's roughly 1650... so, you know, another 350 years to go through. There's just an uprising in 1798, the famine, an uprising in 1916, a civil war, independence for 26 of the 32 counties, another civil war, the Troubles in Northern Ireland, and the Peace Process to cover... easy peasy!)

It took me until Thursday to realise that I'm not going to make my goal. I was holding out some ridiculous hope that I'd wake up and find it all pre-written and the video laid out and I'd just have to edit them (I was planning on three of them) and that would be that.

As a result I'll try pop in once or twice while I'm away but there will be no pre-planned posts. (And I make no promises that my other posts won't just be "STILL ALIVE! HAVING FUN!")

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