Saturday, October 1, 2011

I Arrived!

I'm alive!

I'm having fun!

Okay, okay... a bit more, but still quick.

Dublin was having an Indian summer when I arrived so today is my first real rain day since I arrived. It's not just raining, it's heavy, beat-you-into-the-ground-as-you-walk rain. Yesterday had a few spotty showers but it was still a 'usable' day. Today is only usable to check my emails, catch up on my journal and drink a few cups of tea. No trip into town for me!

I was hoping to head South-West this past week to visit family for a day or two (between Cork and Skibberreen if you're looking at a map) but they were getting lashed with rain and Dublin was having shorts-weather so I stayed put and just spread three days worth of activities over four.

I'll talk more about the specifics of what I did once I'm actually able to put pictures to it all (because just text is kind of boring) but the short list of how I've spent my first week:
-Marsh's Library (awesome)
-St. Auden's church (old and still in use)
-G.P.O. An Post museum (made me want to resurrect my stamp collection)
-Croke Park (awesome)
-Garda Museum (got answers to a medal my mom found)
-Glasnevin Cemetery (amazing)
-Garden of Rememberance
-wandered for hours through St. Stephen's Green, Merrion Square, Grafton St,. Temple Bar area, Dublin Castle, along the Grand Canal, over the bridge and up O'Connell St., and due to a stupid navigation decision, all the way out through east-north Dublin to the docks...

I'm saving most of the 'big ticket' items until Al arrives and we can do them together but I'm just enjoying reacquainting myself with the city that I knew better than my own growing up.


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