Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hello November!

The hard thing about writing about Derry is that the post almost always ends up sounding political. Truthfully, that could just be me reading my own opinions about Northern Ireland into what I wrote. Maybe other people wouldn't read it that way. Or maybe they would. Anyway, I wrote a post, sat on it for two days, rewrote it, sat on it again, reworked it... it's an on going struggle but I will get it up eventually; I think the one I've most recently wrote is probably the version I'll end up with but I want to sit on it and make sure.

In the meantime, it's November! Not only that but it's the fifth of November! When I was young, my dad always had a bonfire for Guy Fawkes day. The property is surrounded by a forest so we'd accumulate a lot of cuttings and underbrush* we had to get rid of. By November 5th, it was damp enough to have a bonfire. Two birds, one bonfire so to speak.

We don't have bonfires anymore because as the development around us grew, firefighter visits became more frequent (this is more a complaint from my dad and brothers. I usually called the fire department... joking!) so permits had to be obtained and that tends to be a pain in the butt. If I had thought far enough ahead to realise that this year it fell on a Saturday, I might have made an effort to get the permits sorted. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to rely on facebook to commemorate the day.

November is Adoption Awareness Month. Now that I've made you aware of that, my work here is done ;-) And I may or may not blog about it later.

I'm being crafty again and will hopefully have something soon to show you. Also, does anyone have any tips for getting spray paint flecks off of a wood patio? These two things are most definitely related.

*Nothing makes me feel better than watching broom burn. Burn motha-frakker, burn!**

**Um, the spell check wanted to change 'motha' to 'mothra'. I always knew my computer was a nerd!

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