Saturday, December 3, 2011

CMC: Christmas Music

This is part of my Christmas Memory Challenge, a goal I set for myself to recall 25 things I love about Christmas. You can also check out Shannon's memories here.
The first thing that happens after my mom brings the Christmas decorations up from the basement or my dad brings them down from the attic is that the Christmas tapes (yes, tapes. In fact, a few are even on records) would be pulled out and played. It's not Christmas until I hear those familiar melodies!

By far, my favourite version of this song.

Johnny Mathis, Bing Crosby, the Chieftain's, Canadian Brass Christmas and many more are pretty much on repeat from the moment we put them on to the moment we pack them up for another year.

Picked this video because my dad still has this record.

Over the past few years, I've slowly been building my Christmas CD collection so I don't have to hang out at my parents just to hear them. (Not that there's anything wrong with hanging out at my parents, I just don't think they'd appreciate me moving in for three weeks just to hear these songs.)

I'm not going to lie to you Marge, this song makes me cry.

This year's addition was Bing Crosby (and was only $5!! Thank you, sales!!). Now I'm stuck in that awkward point where the CD songs are in a different order than the record order and I keep telling my CD "no, no, that's not right! Get it right!"

This song always gets me dancing!

Part of my need to get my own versions of these records is because I've spent a Christmas or two without them and it's never quite the same.

Mahalia gives me chills. Love her!

And what you've failed to see by simply reading this blog is that I've spent over an hour drinking tea, searching YouTube videos, and dancing around my apartment feeling all Christmas-y. My Christmas season has officially begun thanks to this post! I'll leave you with a song from my favourite Christmas album.

This whole album makes me happy and if you've never heard it, you should.

Question: Any 'must hear' Christmas songs or albums for you?


Erika said...

my personal favourite:

and when I'm feeling silly, this one:

AndreaClaire said...

I love those! I'll definitely watch them again thise season :)