Friday, December 23, 2011

Running Away to Nanaimo

In 45 minutes, I'm on a bus heading up island for the next few days. I have set up two posts which should post at 8:00 AM PST the next two days... assuming that I've set this up properly.

I was hoping to have my vlog done by now but, you know what? It's Christmas and there's always socializing to be done so the vlog, while near completion, won't be posted until after Christmas.

I'm also sadly behind on my book reviews although I am pretty much up-to-date on the number of books I was supposed to read this year. Relief on that front because I thought I was a lot further behind than I am! Maybe I'll find a quiet moment before New Years to reflect on some of them. Or maybe I'll just say 'I read these books, figure out if you like them by reading them yourself'.



Shannon said...

I'm behind in my books, my Christmas memories, my 101 and my organizing (although I fell off that wagon before I had two feet solidly on it...) Maybe I'll finish Christmas. And maybe I'll catch up with the books. But the rest of it? Eh. When it happens. If it happens. I've enjoyed the last six days with no internet.

AndreaClaire said...

I'm at the point where I have a couple of books I might possibly finish the next couple of days but I'm not stressing about it. The main thing for me: if I hadn't sent a goal of 24 books, I probably wouldn't have read half of the books I read because I wouldn't have made them a priority. In that mindframe, the goal was accomplished.