Monday, January 2, 2012

Failure to Plan and All That Jazz...

I excel at setting long-term goals. EXCEL AT IT! Every January, I look at the blank canvas which is the year ahead of me and think of what is possible in that year. What could I do with those 12 months? Then I think of all the amazing things, pick a few I like, and write them down.

Where I fail is setting short term goals to reach those long term goals. I look at my goals and think "I have 12 months to complete that, I'll deal with it tomorrow" and then continue to think that until a couple of  months down the road when I just stop looking at my goals. It's easier to ignore them if you never open the word document.

I set goals last year and didn't achieve on of them. Not one. I'm sure part of that is due to the fact that I couldn't even remember what they were without looking them up. So instead of setting goals for this year and talking about them on here, I'm making a resolution: set and work on short-term goals on a weekly and monthly basis.

That's it. No grand plan to unicycle up Everest next Christmas Eve. No decision to memorize and recite the entire Histories in Ancient Greek. I have a few goals for the year, but what I really want is to look back and see 12 months of goals set to help move myself forward towards my 'big' goals. I want to see 52 weeks worth of goals set and (mostly*) achieved which will allow me to complete the monthly goals.

I've found an unused lined notebook. I'm in the middle of turning into a goal book of sorts so I can keep track of my monthly/weekly goals etc. It's pretty much my goal for this week!

*I'm not going to get upset if I don't make every single goal every single week as long as I'm still moving forwards towards the end result.

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