Saturday, August 14, 2010

Slowly Taking Shape

The good thing about being confined to the apartment for most of the day is that there's a lot of time to get things done, even when you procrastinate for hours. Step by step, things are taking shape around here!

I've added tabs for the two projects I mentioned in the last post (the Great Book Challenge and Project 365) so you can find more information about them there. For the Book Challenges, I was going to wait until September to officially start it, but I'm pretty much done The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo so that will be my book for August (and I don't think I really want to wait to read the next two so perhaps I might even have multiple books for August). I went around my bookshelves this weekend (and the occasional unpacked box) and wrote down all the books I own that I haven't actually read. I figured that's a good place to start for this challenge before I start searching for books. I do, however, excuse myself from having to read the copy of Ulysses that currently sits on my shelf, at least for the time being.

I've started Project 365 with this:
I'll be honest, my cats are probably going to be in a lot of my pictures. They are my babies after all who drool like dogs and snuggle like children. This is Tosio, the one most likely to headbutt my hand while I'm typing to tell me to pay attention to her. My other cat, Linden, is most likely to drool on the keyboard to cause a short circuit so I have to stop typing. Really, having two cats is not really conducive to the blogging life. Sigh.

Anyway, just want to let you know that I am tinkering about on the site. Also, to say that I have a big of a girl crush on Shannon now because she also does PostCrossing. She's like my new, best, imaginary friend. Sorry Pedro, your reign of teaching me fake Spanish in my dreams is over, I have someone I have to make a cup of fake tea for.


Nanny Shanny said...

How exciting to be your new, best, imaginary friend! It's very exciting to come across someone who shares so many of my interests! You're doing a much better job of keeping your Project 365 up to date than I am...I believe (I haven't checked lately because I am in denial and scared of how many posts I need to catch up on) I'm about six weeks behind schedule.


Anyway, I propose we raise our fake tea cups and toast to a great imaginary friendship!

AndreaC said...

Well, I am only four days into the Project 365... give me time and I'll sure I'll get behind too :)

And here, here. Imaginary cup of tea raised!