Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Social Weekend

For some reason, I thought I might get some writing done this weekend. I have a few topics rattling around the old noggin which I've been meaning to put down on paper. On Tuesday of last week, I laid some ground work on them with the hope that I'd be able to finish them up by today.

Instead, I supported a friend as he performed an acoustic set at the Bard and Banker. I cheered a hockey team on as they won after a wonderful Thai dinner with a friend. I devoured black pudding over brunch with a friend who I met on exchange to Germany 10 years ago. I celebrated a friend's birthday with sushi and a discussion about the awesomeness which is Back To the Future III. I drank too much coffee with a friend while wasting away two hours. I enjoyed my last day with my mom before she leaves for Peru by attending a matinee of The King's Speech and then letting her make dinner for me.

You'll excuse me then, if I barely found time to write my grocery list for tomorrow. But I will leave you with two things: 1) Go see The King's Speech because it is fantastic; you will laugh, you will cry, you will probably sit beside someone twice as old as you and 2) Justin Hewitt is playing again at the Bard and Banker on February 3rd; it will be a mix of cover songs and originals but it will all be awesome.

(I don't know why blogger always makes my videos so much darker than they actually are. Also, please excuse my singing in the background and then the idle chatter about Ireland.)


Anonymous said...

I saw the King's Speech while I was in Vancouver. Same deal with the older crowd! It was a great movie... gotta love Colin Firth.

AndreaClaire said...

Ah Colin Firth. I know he's 50 but he still makes me a little weak in the knees.