Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Book, I mean, Blog Update.

I wish I could tell you I haven't been posting because I've been epically busy but I haven't really. As the weather gets nicer, I've just been spending more time away from the computer. Oh, and I just finished a 1000 page book in two weeks while still working full time, doing some writing for a friend and socializing. Right, it's not the nice weather, it's the 'ohmigawdthisseriesissoooooooooooogoodIcantstopreading' that's keeping me away from posting.

Some of these items I will mention in future posts, but for now:

I went to see Thor with 'the boys' and I really, really enjoyed it. Having to stare at Chris Hemsworth in 3D didn't hurt either.

I attended an adoption information session. My mom came with me. It's safe to say that a lot has changed in the world of adoption in the last 30 years (namely, the cost).

I've watched a lot of hockey. I even watched hockey while Big Bro and I treated mom to a belated Mother's Day dinner. My mom has very little interest in hockey beyond asking us how the Canucks are doing. This is the second Mother's Day in a row that she's let her special day take a back seat to a Canucks game. She is a good, good lady.

I've talked a lot of hockey. I've also made fun of people who don't know hockey but insist on talking like they do. I love the Canucks but we have a lot of bandwagon jumpers. It's almost enough to make 'bleed green and blue' fans want to support another team. Almost.

I went on a date. It was bad. I may do a post dedicated to exactly how bad it was. He punched my boob, managed to infer that I was a creepy because I'd willing go to a Comic Con, and is allergic to cats. It's the trifecta of "there is no way in hell I am ever going out with you again".

I attended the inaugural meeting of the Reynold's Alumni Band Steering Committee. Feel free to openly mock me in the comments.

I am displaying three of my photos at work. Only one is up right now as they were unsure of their total space at the time we discussed my pieces but the other two go up tomorrow. The first one has received a lot of compliments so I'm really happy with my decision to submit my work for showing. It's like I'm a real artist (and I've got the bank account to prove it)!

There's more but, um, book three in the series isn't going to read itself so... yeah. Till next time!


Shannon said...

So what series is it?

And what did you think of Eager and his antics last night? Very cool about your new hockey loving friends....

AndreaClaire said...

It's the 'Song of Ice and Fire' series (of which 'A Game of Thrones' and 'A Clash of Kings' are the first two books... which reminds me, I need to change my 'currently reading' picture) and I'm hooked!

As for Eager, I think he acted like a petulant child who wasn't getting his way (which he wasn't, we were winning). I'm a little surprised the NHL didn't come down on him with today's decision but Atlanta Thrashers are the new Winnipeg Jets so I'm not going to question the NHL too harshly today :)

AndreaClaire said...

So apparently the Globe and Mail doesn't check their sources and Bettman is still a big jerk who thinks hockey needs to be in places that don't know what ice is, so...

Eager took a questionable hit from behind, he taunted a whole bench, and he ran a goalie then taunted him. Torres took one questionable hit on Seabrook (which I thought was dirty until I watched the replay and then realised it would have been a clean hit if Seabrook had kept his head up LIKE ANY GOOD PLAYER WOULD HAVE) and everyone jumps on him for it. Eager walked over the line of unsportsman-like conduct so many times he should get frequent crosser miles, his coaches/team obviously weren't telling him to stop (regardless of whether they were telling him to act like that) and the NHL doesn't even blink. What. The. HELL?!?

alonewithcats said...

All my stories start this way: "I went on a date. It was bad."

I am so in love with the comment you left for me the other day. I want to make that comment my third cat, basically.

AndreaClaire said...

For some silly reason, blogger is being all strange about my comments (but it's letting me comment on other sites... strange!) Anyway...

So glad you enjoyed the comment. You could try and make it your third cat but I don't think it would let you put a cellophane cape around it!