Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pole Position

Today was Pole Painting Day in Fernwood! There have been odd poles painted through Fernwood (the artsy-fartsy community of Victoria) but as the poles aged and needed touching up the Fernwood NRG decided to make a community event out it.

Due to previous commitments in the morning and throughout the day, I wasn't able to do commit to any painting but I wanted to share in the community spirit. After a mid-day beer and bite with friends at the Fernwood Inn, I grabbed my camera and wandered the streets.


Anonymous said...

These are terrific! I'll have to stop and take a closer look next time I jog through your lovely neighbourhood. -Erika

Anonymous said...

Wow that's so neat! I shall have to take a jaunt through Fernwood :) Thanks for sharing the pics

AndreaClaire said...

The poles run along Fernwood and Gladstone and go from professional to "I bet that family of young children had fun". They also really brighten up the scenery on a grey day.