Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dancing Queen

I am known to randomly burst out in song and dance routines. Hanging out with friends, in the middle of a staff meeting (yes, I have burst out in song in staff meetings), if something reminds me of a song then I sing it. If I feel that dance moves are appropriate at that time, then I'll bust them out to.

About eight years ago, when I first started my current job, I busted out the running man for a bit of fun. (For those unfamiliar with the running man, here's an educational video.) It became my 'thing'. When I asked for help from certain coworkers, they asked for me to do the running man first. When we headed out for social nights, the running man always made an appearance. It was just the natural (drunken) order of things.

But then we grow up. The coworkers that would request it moved on to other jobs. I matured into someone who stopped going to Wednesday retro nights because I had a respectable job. Slowly, the running man faded from my usual arsenal of dance moves. I still busted it out from time-to-time, but never with the same vigour and willingness that I had in days past.

Then Saturday night happened. I was at a wedding reception and while the amazing soul band took a break, someone popped on an iPod so our little group of crazy dancers could keep going. Tired and thoroughly drunk thanks to the unexpected open bar, I sat down on the edge of the dance floor to consume another beer and chat with a few friends. In amidst our chatter, I heard the word "busted" and then the beginning of a familiar tune.

Dun-dun-oh! Tck-tck-dun dun-ah!

Before I had a chance to excuse myself from the conversation, I was back on the dance floor doing the running man. The people around me stopped dancing and for a moment they were all silent. Then the cheers began. I was in my element. This is why I had practiced the running man 20 years earlier. And it was glorious.

When I finished my tribute to 80's hip-hop dance, I received high fives and adulation from those around me and applause from those not close enough for high fives. It was a wonderful feeling.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to blast a little Young MC and practice my running man. I feel it may be making appearances much more often now.


The Happy Ranter said...

This is the second time in a week that someone I know has posted the 'Bust A Move' video. If the Universe is providing signs, what is it trying to tell me?? I'm way too unco to do the running man...

AndreaClaire said...

It's trying to tell you that you need friends with updated pop culture references. Word!