Saturday, August 6, 2011

CCM Round Two

After I post this, I’m heading up to Shawnigan Lake for a little R&R. Some family friends have rented a cabin up on the lake for a week and invited my parents to come up to visit. I get an invite by proxy. Not a bad arrangement, if you ask me.

Shawnigan’s not too far from Victoria so it makes a nice day trip but after a week of glorious sunny weather, this morning was overcast. A few breaks in the clouds to the west and north make me hope that the clouds will end at the top of the Malahat. Of course, good company would make it worth the trip even without the weather.

The family friends in question belong to the group I refer to as CCM Gen 1.0 (and I’m not sure, but parts of Gen 2.0 and 3.0 may be up there as well).  Sadly, due to a lingering winter head/chest cold during the annual Christmas party rounds, I haven’t seen any of them since our CCM picnic last August. All the more reason to accept my parent’s offer of a drive over the Malahat regardless of the weather.

For last year's picnic, Gen 2.0 sets up the table that Gen 1.0 used to take on camping trips.

(And I’m hoping that they bring their camera so I can play with it and then upload some photos. This whole no-camera thing blows.)

I’ve been doing a lot of writing lately. And by ‘lately’, I mean ‘since I lost my free Internet access at home a week ago and have been forced to frequenting the coffee shop when I want to post’. (Yup, ‘lately’ sums it much more succinctly.) Also, it’s amazing how much easier it is to get the stories from my head to word document when I don’t keep checking facebook every 10 minutes.

There’s a few I was debating about sharing on here when I decided to make it a regular feature. A regular feature deserves a regular name. I was going to go with Fiction Friday. Alliteration for the win! Then I started to think that some of my travel stories should be written down but they’re not fiction (no matter how much I wish some of them were). Sadly, with no day of the week starting with ‘n’, I can’t just create another regular feature like Non-fiction Nonday. (My calls to the offices of the Oxford English Dictionary promising the payout of bribes should they add ‘Nonday’ to the dictionary have not been returned.)

Writing Wednesday? But aren’t all blog posts writing?

Thoughtless Thoughtful Thursday? But that’s not really about writing and sometimes my writing isn’t thoughtful. Actually, it usually isn’t.

Story Saturday? Or Sunday?

Maybe staring at the lake will help me figure it out.

Any suggestions?


ClaireBear said...

Storytime Sunday :)

AndreaClaire said...

Oh, I like that one. Works much better than just 'Story Sunday' :)