Sunday, August 28, 2011

Storytime Sunday: Andrea's an Idiot

I woke up this morning trying to remember why I wanted to take my laptop with me to my mom's. She's away for a few days camping so I'm watering her plants.

Failing to remember why I was so "got to remember my laptop" the night before, I set off to the land of free internet my mom's sans technology with plans to water her flowers, make a cup of tea and watch last night's episode of Doctor Who.

Well, I wanted to bring my laptop because it has all my stories on it. Kind of hard to post my writing when I don't have it.

And Space Channel is taking their sweet time getting the new Who up on the site. (I prefer to stream things legally when given the option.)

And there's no milk for my tea (like last time when I brought milk and found some milk left in the fridge) so I can even enjoy a cuppa on the back porch surrounded by my mom's lovely flowers.

So far, this Sunday's been a bit of a bust.


ClaireBear said...

awe! Next time :)

AndreaClaire said...

I've already made a point of posting it with a future posting time so I don't miss it again :)