Monday, August 22, 2011

To a Special Girl On Her Third Birthday

A very special girl turned three recently.

She got a bike with no pedals from her grandparents. What a lucky girl! It sounds like she had a wonderful birthday weekend with her family.

I have one little surprise left for her.

I hope you will all forgive my singing!



Shannon said...

This is a message from J:

"Thank you for my special present."

She LOVED it! By the end she was singing along and wanted to know where you were, why couldn't she see you...

Thank you! What an awesome gift!

Shannon said...

PS I can't forgive your's too lovely! J says "that lady who wore the Go Canucks Go shirt has a pretty voice"

AndreaClaire said...

You're very kind :) I will have to come Vancouver again so J and I can sing it together!

The Happy Ranter said...

That was lovely! This is an advance request for you to sing something for me on my next birthday :)

AndreaClaire said...

Your request has been noted... and probably ignored ;)

The Happy Ranter said...

Harsh. Good thing I have a number months to harass you and wear you down :)

P.S. The security 'word' for posting this comment is podite, which sounds like a mild insult.


Anonymous said...

Well done Andrea. What a thoughtful gift. You will wow them in Ireland. Hope you have a repertoire ready!

AndreaClaire said...

THR: How dare you call me a podite, you appendage!

Anonymous: I'm guessing at who this is because you didn't leave your name... I need to make an 'anonymom' option :)