Monday, August 1, 2011

Froehlich am 1. August!

Today is Switzerland's National Holiday. Trying to choose one Swiss story for today is an almost impossible task. Instead I'm just going to share a few photos (in random that's-how-my-computer-organized-them order) from my trip back there in 2005.

Obere Hauptgasse in Thun

Dorfstrasse, Sigriswil (one of two main streets in the village)

View from the Sämi and Susi's main steps

Looking back at Eiger from Männlichen

Across the Aare from Old Town, Bern

Bridge, Thun

Kappelbrücke at Night, Lucerne

The monastery, St. Gallen
Sunset in Elfingen


Shannon said...

Love these. Might have to run away to Switzerland.

That's all.

AndreaClaire said...

Let's run away together :)

Shannon said...

Okay! When do you want to leave?!?!

AndreaClaire said...

Well, I have a flight to Amsterdam at the end of September. I could just 'miss' the connection to Dublin ;)