Thursday, September 9, 2010

Either I'm Cool or the World is Inhabited by Geeks

I attended Denbaya this past weekend. It was a four day West African Dance extravaganza. On our last night there, MoonDance Arts (the coordinators of the event) treated everyone to dinner at the West Arm Pub on Shawnigan Lake, not too far from where the weekend was being held. Our instructors brought a lot of life to an otherwise quite Sunday night at the pub.

The original video is not this dark, but I can't seem to fix it on this site.
My apologies to Manimou, the singer, because you can barely see him.

I love that as I get older, I need to explain myself to people less and less. It seems like the rest of the world is becoming nerdified because people just 'get me' now. The following is a list of things I admitted to people that I hardly knew and none of them blinked an eye:
  • Robert Service is my favourite poet. I travel with a collection of his poems and I can recite a few of them as well.
  • Name an 80's/early 90's rap and I can probably rap it for you. Also, I will most likely bust out the running man because that's just good times.
  • When something frustrates or angers me, I do my 'West Side Story' snaps and I have trained my office to do the same.
  • This is the greatest news I've heard in probably ever; does anyone have a Wii they'd like to sell?
  • I have been accused of snoring, talking and singing in my sleep although all these accusations have come after a night of drinking.
  • I'm a classically trained pianist. My favourite composer, well, it's a toss up between Bach and Chopin. If I had to pick one, Bach would probably win. I held an open debate with myself about why.
  • My favourite movie in Casablanca. In close second is Beauty and the Beast which I haven't seen since 2003 when I moved out and no longer had a VHS player. It's being re-released on DVD on October 5th. I have seriously debated booking that day off work so I can go buy it at 8:00 AM. (I then sang a few of the songs for those within ear shot.)
  • I will slap my own ass in the middle of a dance routine if I think it's funny.
  • I will do a lot of strange things in strange places if I think it's funny.
All these geeky things that I willingly admitted to and yet I came away from the weekend with lots of former acquaintances I now call friends. Drumming, dancing and new friends? It's going to be hard to top that.


Nanny Shanny said...

I had no idea they were re-releasing Beauty and the Beast, but I will be there to claim a copy for my daughter...okay, fine, it's more for me, but she loves princesses, so I'm sure I can share my copy. One day.

AndreaC said...

I only know that it's being released because I 'like' it on Facebook so I keep getting updates. So glad I did or it might have been another seven years before I saw the movie again!