Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I'm Not Dead Yet!

Why, oh why, can I embed a post on my other blog but not this one? This will require some investigation when it's not an hour past my bed time. This post was supposed to open with this which explains the title.

It's late and I need to go to bed but I just wanted to say 'hello'. I can update that I'm failing miserably at my Project365 (it really doesn't help when you keep leaving your camera at home), I'm currently reading two books for the Great Book Challenge, and I have a lot of things written in my head but I'm trying to enjoy as much of the nice weather that I can before it leaves us. I love Fall so I'm not sad to see Summer go, but now that it's no longer really hot, I want to enjoy it just a little bit longer.

Plus the sudden change to winter on Tuesday just screamed 'rewatch the BSG mini-series' and so I did. Originally it screamed specific Doctor Who episodes but those are currently out on loan so BSG it is.

copyright owned by SyFy (don't get me started on the name change)

I'm also working on something creative that I think is awesome and I will most likely share on here once I'm do, so... my friend's son thinks I'm the coolest person alive. I introduced him to pretty much any geeky thing a 10 year old boy is old enough to watch and I did it without ever once having met him. Last Saturday, we actually hung out for the first time and we got along really well. Well, I have risen yet another notch in his eyes. His mom has a foster child in Chad and he's decided he wants to go to Africa. His mom told him I lived in Africa for four months and next time he sees me, he should ask me about it. When she told me this, I immediately set about turning my pictures into a video with (if I get a decent microphone) a speaking track or written commentary about them. Time consuming? Yes. Worth it? HELLS yes!


Nanny Shanny said...

So, it's late and I'm assuming you mean you're not *dead* yet, but I'm not sure...see, I live with a two year old who used the word deat for a very long time as her only verb! It meant eat, sleep, give, want, you name it! She's got the words for those things now, but she does occasionally revert or get stuck and use deat!

AndreaC said...

Ha ha! Error noted and corrected. Now I'll got get something to deat for breakfast before I deat to work :)

Nanny Shanny said...

Oh darn, just an error. I was hoping maybe J had a friend in the verb world of deat! That would have been kind of cool!