Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I Got Canned!

I wasn't at work today so instead I did something that I've been wanting to do for a number of years: my mom taught me how to can peaches.

We done good!

Every peach season for about the past five years, I've thought to myself "I should can peaches like mom used to", but then my mom would go away camping or I'd be too busy enjoying summer BBQs and we just never got around to it. We actually missed the good peach season this year, but determined to finally get this done, my mom found some good peaches hiding out at a local farmer's market.

I can honestly say that the whole process wasn't as labour-intensive as I was expecting, but time-wise it did drag on. It's given me confidence, however, that I can do this on my own in the future (although I will have to borrow all of my mom's equipment so really, why not just do it with my mom?) and that I want to try and can a few other items. My mom's relish recipe is on my list along with dill pickles, pears, beets, well, pretty much anything you can can. (Because we can can can!)

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Nanny Shanny said...

I love canned peaches! My parents just brought a box of jars down to us...I haven't canned since I lived at home, but thankfully, I have very very generous parents who can lots of fruit and deliver it to their daughters!