Monday, September 13, 2010

I'm Declaring a New National Holiday... It's the Only Way I'll Finish

Despite Autumn not officially starting for another 10 days (it occurs on the 23rd this year), it has decided to make a premature appear in Victoria. It's grey, wet and dismal since the end of the long weekend. There's been moments of sun but even then it's still cold.

Somewhere in that fog is East Sooke Park.

I love Fall and all it's changing colours so I'm excited despite the depressing view out my window. Plus, we all know what exciting season fall brings right? People running around, trying to get things done before that big night, feelings of stress because you haven't gotten everything written before the deadline, so many social events to attend but you have to turn them down because there's too much to do...


I first learned of NaNoWriMo last year for a creative non-fiction writing class I was taking. Learning about the event a mere week before it began, I took a valiant stab at it... and failed miserably. It didn't help that most people go into this with characters developed, outlines created, key scenes blocked in their heads. I went in with the idea that it might be fun and I had a story I had been mulling over writing for a while. Between full time school, part time work, and life in general, I got to around 800 words and then quit. My excuse is that my class did NaBloPoMo for charity so that took up all my allotted 'fun' writing time.

Well, not this year! This year I am undertaking the challenge again and I will be prepared! To victory!

Or, at the very least, 50,000 words of crappy writing!


Nanny Shanny said...

Hahaha...I think sometimes that you must be able to see inside my brain - I could have written the part you wrote about favourite time of year, hands down!

Good luck with the novel! I hope you'll do little updates here!

AndreaC said...

I'm hoping to post updates but if I really get into, I may just drop off the face of the earth for the month :)